What is a Podiatric Physician

What is a Podiatric Physician/Podiatrist?

A Podiatric Physician/Podiatrist is a foot doctor. In Alberta, they referred to as Podiatric Physicians. They are also called a doctor of podiatric medicine and have DPM behind their name.
This kind of physician or surgeon treats the foot, ankle, and connecting parts of the leg. Podiatric Physicians/Podiatrists, in Alberta, are permitted to perform surgery on the foot and ankle, order all diagnostic testing including x-rays, bone scans, and MRI’s. In addition, they are permitted to prescribe mediation required in the treatment of the foot and ankle.
Most Podiatric Physicians/Podiatrists, in Alberta, are in private practice however some have hospital privileges where they perform surgery.

Medical training

Like other types of physicians and surgeons, Podiatric Physician/Podiatrist complete four years of graduate study and training in podiatric medical school. This is, typically, followed by 3 years of post-graduate residency training in hospitals and clinics.
During their education students/residents are required to pass a series of examinations and practical evaluations before being permitted to practice in Alberta. Every province has different requirements for licensure.


All Podiatric Physician/Podiatrists are required to register with the College of Podiatric Physicians of Alberta (CPPA). The college is the government mandated regulatory body that ensures Podiatric Physician/Podiatrists, practicing in Alberta, meet all entrance requirements and maintain continued competency for ongoing practice. Requirements for licensure can be found at: https://www.albertapodiatry.com/registration/registration-documents

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