About Us

What we do to keep you on your feet

Originally started in the 1920’s, the Alberta Podiatry Association (APA) was created to support Podiatrists in Alberta. It functioned as both association and the regulatory body of the profession until 2012 when the provincial government included Podiatrists in the Health Care Act (HCA). Once under the HCA the APA became the College of Podiatric Physicians of Alberta (CPPA). With this change came new regulations, most notably, the separation of college and association duties/functions. This necessitated the development of a new association that would continue to advocate and advance the profession of Podiatric Medicine in Alberta. Thus, the Alberta Podiatric Medical Association (ABPMA) was born.

the alberta podiatric medical association

To advocate for the practice of Podiatric Medicine in Alberta

The guiding principles of abpma

Pursuit of excellence




Our Values:

  • Meet what needs we can of our community by caring for individuals
  • Nurture ethics and perfection in the profession of podiatric medicine, and to promote the best foot and ankle care
  • Foster a culture of fellowship and cooperation around the job that we love.
  • Serve our members openly, respectfully, and honestly
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